Terra Humoristica

Even those who don’t like anything will find something to like in Terra Humoristica. Austria’s largest collection of artistically prized, delicately modelled forms made of ceramics, amusing characters in various life situations!
Based on an idea from Yvonne Campidell, drafts, sketches and photos were produced by Conrad Campidell. The idea was implemented by the artists  MORETTO TONI, DUSO GIOVANNI, COLOBO ADRIANO and DON PEPE. First set down on paper, then formed in clay, fired and painted, these humorous shapes make for pleasant company that bring the place to life. The amusing situations they represent are taken from sports, professional life and countless human relationships and developed with a bit of spice. The collection was started more than 20 years ago and is the only one of its kind in Austria. The pieces are not for sale and can only be viewed in our museum in the upper floor of Terra Mystica.

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